Engineering & Data

Engineering & Data at Literati

What We’re Building

Literati is transforming education through deep personalization of books for every child. We believe the right books in the right hands at the right time can be life-changing, and we’re on a mission to inspire a love of learning through personally-curated book discovery. The work of our engineering and data teams has helped deliver over 5 million books to families across the US, with machine learning and proprietary reverse-logistics technology powering our Austin fulfillment center. Recently, we’ve expanded our reach into school book fairs, leveraging new systems and technology to deliver a modern, impeccably-designed book fair to students and educators. 

About Our Team

Our engineering team is responsible for building, architecting, deploying, maintaining, and enhancing our proprietary fulfillment and reverse-logistics systems that run our fulfillment centers, servicing both our subscription service and our book fairs. Our consumer engineering team is responsible for the customer facing interfaces including our site, app (web, native iOS and Android), subscription systems and marketing funnel. Our engineering team also works closely with our team of data scientists to deploy algorithms into production and run A/B tests across the company.

Literati’s technical teams are mission-driven, thoughtful, curious, academic, and down to earth. We value mentorship, continuous learning, collaboration, getting stuff done & having fun while we’re at it.