Literati Recommends

Woman of Light
Kali Fajardo-Anstine

My Greatest Save
Briana Scurry

Lindsay Berg, People Operations Coordinator

“Roxane Gay’s done it again: changed my life with a single book. “Woman of Light” is a beautiful, vivid tale of multi-generational family, secrets, and survival set against the backdrop of the American West. This book is an incredible testament to the strength of the human spirit, and reminder of the importance of preserving one’s ancestral roots.”

Kara Grenier, Chief People Officer

“As a lifelong athlete myself, I love reading stories about fellow fearless female athletes. Briana Scurry narrates her story with stunning vulnerability, and shares both her struggles and triumphs along the way. “My Greatest Save” is an inspiring look into Briana Scurry’s life, as well as the determination and resilience it takes to rise above life’s challenges and find oneself. “

Akeem McLennon, Engineering Manager

“As a kid, I dreamed of becoming an astronaut. I’ve always found the mysteries of space and the universe fascinating. Chris Hadfield’s autobiography had me hooked from the beginning. It’s a captivating insider look into his journey to becoming an astronaut, with lots of great life lessons and good laughs sprinkled in along the way.”